France Tells Investors: Just Learn To Play Game Our Way - Yahoo Finance

July 1, 2014

"In France, bosses are this link sometimes taken hostage and tires are burned, but on top of that the state interferes even if companies dont ask for it," said the banker, who declined to be named to avoid harming prospects of doing business in France. He was referring to frequent worker protests over layoffs and so-called "boss-nappings" in which employees lock managers in their business premises overnight to demand concessions. Other observers are more phlegmatic. GE's experience shows that for all its reputation, France isn't necessarily hostile to foreign takeovers if check it out the acquirers know which buttons to push. Ultimately, Paris agreed to the sale of Alstom's lucrative gas turbine assets and a joint venture in the sensitive nuclear arm, acknowledging the struggling firm could not go on alone. Indeed, the GE-Alstom deal was the second time in months that the Socialist government has allowed an iconic company to bring in foreign capital.

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