German-turned-american Jermaine Jones Out For Payback With Usmnt In World Cup Match Against Germany - Ny Daily News

June 25, 2014

Along with Clint Dempsey, Jermaine Jones has been the best player on the field for the U.S. during this World Cup. But Jones thought he'd made the German roster for the Euro championships in 2008, only to be told by Low that he'd been dropped in the last minute. "It's always hard," Jones said on Tuesday. "When you're so close to go to a big tournament and you feel you're on that team, and at this point the view site... coach already told me I would be a part of the team. Then he skipped back and said, 'OK, I will change it.' Of course I was upset. But I have a nice family, they picked me up and I was like OK after maybe two, three days." Realistically, there isn't a single player on the U.S. team right now that would crack this star-studded German starting lineup, and that includes Jones. But that doesn't mean he can't make Low sorry on Thursday about the way he web link was treated. The Americans only require a draw to clinch advancement.

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